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Welcome to the most technologically advanced Digital Investigation Agency in the industry.

If you are looking to conduct the most in-depth digital investigation possible, you’ve come to the right place. At Digital Investigations, our highly-trained engineers use advanced tools and knowledge to recover hidden evidence that can not otherwise be found.

Unlike traditional private Investigation work, which can take months to produce results, we help you find the evidence you are looking for in as little as 48 hours. Rather than wasting countless hours on costly fieldwork by a private investigator, we can help you to find the digital evidence at it's source - your digital devices.

Leading Private Investigation, Digital Evidence Services in Portland, OR

If you have concerns about marital infidelity, employee theft, child safety or other matters that require investigation, you have come to the right place. Digital Investigations provides industry-leading, digital investigation services to businesses and individuals through a vast network of over 50 local offices across the US and Canada. Each of our local offices is comprised of experienced, certified digital investigators and knowledgeable customer service associates, who work together to provide clients with unparalleled investigation services and results.

Here at Private Investigations, we understand that security and confidentiality are a strong concern for many of our clients. Thus, we constantly operate under strict and highly controlled security and confidentiality protocol throughout all of our locations. To ensure that our protocol is consistently upheld, we also conduct daily procedural and record audits for every case we handle. We guarantee that our client’s requests and information are kept 100% secure and confidential throughout the investigation process.

If you have questions about our services or if you would like to get started with your investigation, please give us a call. Our customer service representatives are available around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide you with the expert investigation services you are looking for.

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  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Portland, Oregon"

    Reviewed on Feb 14 2017

    Slightly easier to navigate, but the information is again too much form the first sight. If the colors can be reduced to two main ones it will be better and much easier for the user. The contact phone number should be at the bottom of the page in the contact section or put with slightly smaller numbers as it takes too much of the space of the webpage.

    Authenticated Portland, OR

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Portland, Oregon"

    Reviewed on Jul 31 2017

    Private Digital Investigation website is awesome. It's easy to navigate and will only take 48 hours to get to the bottle of everything. As for me spending money on private investigator due to an employee stealing it took weeks for the employer to figure it out. Now if I have a problem and need investigation at any work place or could be person. I will have to look into this more.

    Authenticated Portland, OR
  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Portland, "

    Reviewed on Aug 22 2017

    No murder mystery here. I own a home and decided to rent the basement apartment to help pay-off the mortgage. I was told by a neighbor that I should 'check-out' the background of any renter before I let them sign a lease. Good thing I did, I almost rented to a nice young woman that has a history of not paying rent after moving in, going to court and suing her former landlord for harassment. Private Digital Investigations really helped me dodge that punch!

    Authenticated Portland,

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Portland, "

    Reviewed on Aug 15 2017

    When thinking about privacy, you probably thinking about data that you have entered via your PC or Smartphone, if they are safe, but privacy is more than that. I was able to do a background check,and recover a deleted email message. I would recommend this company.

    Authenticated Portland,
  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Portland, "

    Reviewed on Aug 10 2017

    Private Digital Investigations is a great company to work with, I knew someone other than my family had access to my home and things were coming up missing and now thanks to this company i know who it was.

    Authenticated Portland,

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Portland, "

    Reviewed on Aug 9 2017

    There was a point in my past where I was getting harassed by an ex not only at my job, my apartment, phones, but also though my computer as well. Disturbing and chilling emails left me leaving me scared and unable to sleep at night and not even wanting to step out of the door. A restraining order was already in place, but on a continual basis I was getting harassed on my computer, which I needed since I work in IT. My hope and safety was fading fast when a friend referred me to Private Digital Investigators. A Cyber Harassment Associate listened to my whole story in great detail and was very calm and patient with me. She then went over the details to generate the perfect investigation. For once in a long time, I had began to feel safe and had hope. She further explained to me that the process to end the cyber harassment would entail 2 processes. Private Digital Investigators' Legal Council got involved and helped the perpetrator in my case indicated. My nightmare was finally over. I will forever be grateful for the services I received from Private Digital Investigators. I highly recommend them and the great work they do.

    Authenticated Portland,
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