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What is a digital private investigator?

In today’s technology-based world, computers and mobile devices are an essential part of our daily lives. They are how we communicate, conduct research, perform business activities, shop online, access news and social media and basically operate on a daily basis. As a result, these devices contain extensive personal information the device’s user. Very few people are aware of the information that is collected about them during their use, and even fewer are aware of how to gain access to this information. In most cases, accessing this information requires the assistance of a licensed professional.

Professional Digital Investigators conduct their investigations by recovering, extracting and examining this data and information from digital media devices to reveal a wealth of information. These investigators are extensively trained to access deleted messages, metadata, hidden drives, search history, social media sites, call records, etc. to gain information about the user’s interests, activities, relationships and much more. Digital investigators employ advanced software and innovative techniques to locate information that cannot otherwise be found. They are also able to extract information in a forensically sound manner, which proves that no information is changed or deleted. This allows the extracted information to be admissible as court evidence if necessary.

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